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A big thank-you to everyone who has contributed to the GoFundMe Campaign

to send my workshop to the AIELOC Conference (Vietnam) and Global Roots and Routes (Japan)
to fund the production of my new solo show! 

Heartfelt thanks to my incredibly generous backers for helping the workshop make its double debut in Asia and for guaranteeing that my new show will go on:

Kamran Afary, Helen (Kami) Amestoy Lee, Percy Angress, Ronald Antinoja, Roxana Arama, Jon Beauregard, Donald Belcher, Wendy Belcher, Michelle Bezanson, Jennifer Blaine, Andrea Cooke, Valerie Dillman, Djdj Djdjj, Angela Edens, Laura Finnegan, Genevieve Fong, Susanna Apold Frost, Gina Garcia Sharp, Julie Gouin, Rebecca Gray, Evelyn Hall, Megan Harlan, Nancy Harris, Gardi Hauck, Nancy Henderson-James, Darko Ibrahimpasic, Esther Williams Kalbfleisch, Susan Kalev, Stephen Karandy, Brennen Keefe, David Lawrence, Gene Lee, Richard Lee, John Liang, Susan Liang, Jeff Marlow, Karen Jean Martinson, Isabelle Min, CO Moed, Ravi Narasimhan, Ingrid Oliu, Penny Peters, Diahann Reyes Lane, Diann Rowland, Andy Rupert, Jessica Schulz, Kikuko Tanimoto, Terri Wagener, Phil Ward, Mark McClain Wilson, Heather Woodbury, and Anonymous 

Special thanks to Sponsors of the workshop in Hanoi:
Stephen Karandy, Richard Lee, Susan Liang

Click here to learn more or contribute. ☺️❤️️

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