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"You were fantastic and you opened up so many possibilities for my students and helped create a dynamic class environment. We have really benefited from the workshop. I can't thank you enough.
-Laura Kina, Vincent de Paul Professor of Art, Media, and Design, DePaul University

“Thanks for an amazing workshop. I felt like all the students who were there were very deeply engaged and that this experience will have a great impact on them. I also loved the prompts!”
-Smitha Radhakrishnan, Associate Professor of Sociology, Luella LaMer Associate Professor of Women's Studies, Wellesley College
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"At one point I turned around and thought I've never seen such intimate connection in a class. The students' stories were powerful and inspiring! Thank you Lisa!"
-Kamran Afary, Assistant Professor, Cal State LA

"Elizabeth is an extraordinarily insightful thinker on others' life writing--I've seen her in action, asking people such perceptive questions and bringing them into their stories in ways they had never anticipated and found beautiful."
-Wendy L. Belcher, Professor of African literature, Department of Comparative Literature, Department of African American Studies, Princeton University

"I am always so impressed with how much the students open up with guest artists. Those stories were all new to me! After the workshop today, the students all lingered after to talk to me and to each other about the experience and what they wanted to do next."
-Suzy DeVore, Assistant Professor of Theatre, Hillsborough Community College

"Thanks so much for a great class today! It seems like it was just what the students needed. Thank you, thank you! I really think your workshop teaches a skillset that would serve any person, but especially any creative person, regardless of the discipline. I just think the applicability of this to any form of expression is so palpable."
-Jennifer Rosenfeld, Educator/Coach, ArtsMBA


"It was filled with moments of great pleasure and great growth for me. To me, that is some of the most wonderful stuff in life, and I am tremendously grateful."
-Lisa Dring, Playwright/Director/Actor and Creator of the solo show Death Play

"Taking Lisa’s solo writing workshop is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. It was amazing to see the evolution of my work in such a short amount of time. I had been working on a solo piece for 5 years and never really knew what it was truly about, or what catalyzed its creation. Lisa’s incredibly insightful questions have turned it into something honest, relatable and something I now need to perform. Lisa’s workshops were always the highlight of my week and she’s just as excited about seeing your work as you are about sharing it. I also loved how she encourages you between workshops with helpful articles and encouraging quotes about writing. Do yourself a favor and take this class!"
-Julie Gouin, Teacher/Writer/Actress
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"The class really got my juices flowing. Lisa's a terrific writing coach."
-Angela Bullock, Actor/Writer, Published Essayist in Lunch Ticket

"Lisa has a way with working with her students where she organically takes you through the process of creating a show. She takes the overwhelm out of the process and guides you step-by-step--until you’ve got a moment and then scene and then a string of scenes on the page. Before you know it you’re putting 10 minutes of your show on its feet, and on and on. Lisa holds a creative, safe space that allowed me to dig deep and go to vulnerable places in my work and with the class. I highly recommend working with her!"
-Diahann Reyes-Lane, Writer/Actress

Every budding artist who wants to produce work about their lives should take Lisa’s class. She helps you pull rich material out of yourself. Lisa helps you put perspective on your life, while increasing your confidence by showing you that you have something valuable to share. With her expertise you come to know truths about yourself that you had not recognized. Taking her class was the best writing experience that I have ever had.”
-Andrea Cooke, Research Fellow, Psychology

"Lisa's memoir workshop is both practical and spiritual. Her exercises and structure get you writing immediately--writers block and resistance clear out of the way as her supportive energy and thoughtful guidance pave the way for new ideas and insights. The community aspect was also a real joy. I loved getting to learn about the other participants through their writing. Our shared experience was rooted in respect, appreciation, and encouragement. This workshop will move you forward regardless of where you are in your memoir process--even if you haven't written a word yet (that was me). If you are even remotely considering this workshop, I say DO IT! You will love the experience and you definitely won't regret it."
-Jennifer Rosenfeld, CEO, iCadenza

“I had an idea but I had never written anything before, so I went to Lisa's workshop, just to see if I might somehow be able to write it. It was so much more fun and easy and interesting than I had anticipated. I thought it would be scary and hard and I would have nothing to tell. Her compassion and leadership made the class such a joy, and it was a breakthrough for me. I was writing. I took her class twice, and my goal was to write a piece about motherhood. The writing prompts were an incredible tool, and, eventually, I was writing on my own. I did write a piece about being a mom, and it was accepted for "Expressing Motherhood", and I performed it live as well as for the podcast. It changed my life, it helped me heal, and I was so proud I wrote something. I look forward to taking her class again for more stories I'm interested in working on, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for that little push.”
-Hiwa Chow Elms, Actress/Writer

“First, let me say that Lisa is an amazing writing coach. I made so much progress on my memoirs while I was working with her, that I have not made since my classes were over (maybe I should sign up again!). Just knowing that there was going to be a session coming up in the week, where I would have to present my new work, was a huge motivator to write consistently. And during the sessions, she was so insightful about what was effective and moving, and what was confusing. She never ripped me apart or criticized me in a negative way. She encouraged me so much that I was excited and proud to tell my story.
Secondly, Lisa asked questions about my writing to draw out the themes that were hiding in there, waiting to be noticed and refined. She also edited the work I did, with some much commentary it was almost as much content as what I had originally written (she takes great care and a lot of her own time, to respond to the work, to make it as good as it can be).I thoroughly enjoyed my classes with Lisa and I have learned a lot, although I still have a long way to go. I highly recommend working with Lisa for coaching with writing and storytelling.
-Sabra Sanzotta, CEO, The Loft Warehouse

“If you’re looking for a kind-hearted writing coach who will offer the safe space, words of encouragement, and nudge to dig deeper into your personal narrative, I highly recommend Lisa. With her TCK background, she had just the right questions to tap into my past that I hadn’t thought about in a very long time. Her 6-month intensive program was one of the best investments I made for my personal and professional growth. My time with her has really boosted my confidence in writing and it’s thanks to her articulate feedback. Thank you, Lisa, for helping me build momentum in my writing journey!”
-Aya Ninomiya, Occupational Therapist & Learning Support Advisor

“Workshops end and then you forget about them. I haven't forgotten about Lisa's workshop. I've written to the same prompts over and over again many times in the year that followed. What I remember most is the calm, the security of the space I was given to open up in my writing, how Lisa allowed us to express our experience, shape it, sit with it with gentle guiding questions and reflection. There was a rhythm to the workshop as well, sometimes moving quickly, sometimes slowing down. Overall it was a memorable and fulfilling workshop and I've kept writing since. Discovering the world of Third Culture Kids was for me like finding my tribe after all these years of feeling lost and Lisa was my first guide on my journey. I am forever grateful to have met and worked with her.
-Yeşim Cimcoz, Author & Writing Workshop Facilitator

"I've done quite a few workshops with Lisa and they have been excellent. I highly recommend them.”
-Inga Aksamit, Travel Author

“Lisa really inspires you to move forward with your project and your writing. Her prompts led to excellent discussions, and I felt extremely comfortable sharing with the other participants. It was a great experience for me.
-Shannon Irby, Adult Third Culture Kid

I wouldn’t have gotten my story out of me if not for Lisa. I wrote a one woman musical and was going mentally around in circles getting very little traction. Through Lisa’s compassionate and thoughtful prompts, I felt safe enough and was able to complete a first draft of my story. I highly recommend Lisa’s service.
-Kateri Lirio, Musician

"I learned so much from Liang's memoir writing class, both about writing and about myself. Liang has a gift in creating a safe and supportive space and in guiding writers to be vulnerable and fruitful. Our writing group was on Skype with participants around the world and yet the experience was intimate. If you have been thinking about writing a memoir but didn't know where to start or lacked the confidence, I encourage you to jump in. Liang will have you writing material you will be proud of."
-Ellen Mahoney, CEO, Sea Change Mentoring

"I got so much out of the process that I want to do it again. The exercises guided me into making discoveries about myself. Things forgotten bubbled to the surface as I worked through the prompts and assignments. They challenged me to acknowledge certain life events and experiences that compose my personal history. They also helped me to organize my thoughts and get the work done before the workshop deadlines. Having a time limit for each prompt helped me since my “critic-self” doesn’t have time to negatively edit my own ideas.
The feedback I received both from Lisa and my workshop peers made me feel supported and validated. There were times when I felt my experiences were deeply understood and times when I realized that an event in my own life was extraordinary. I came away from the workshop feeling that not only do my stories matter, but that everyone’s stories matter."
-Kathy Kilsby, Dancer

"I had the privilege of taking classes with Lisa twice. Once, in a group setting, and another time as a solo student.
In both instances, at the conclusion of the workshops, conducted via skype, I felt re-energized and back on track.
What is remarkable about Lisa is her ability to quickly assess her student’s capacities, and focus on bringing to light the positive, while making constructive and gentle remarks about things that need improvement. She builds trust in her student.
And that in itself is a marvelous gift; one that can turn your life around, if you let it happen.

Would-be writers, and even experienced ones are plagued with self-doubt. It is a rare occurrence when a teacher can intelligently build your confidence, while pointing out some of the flaws in your work.
In my particular case, thanks to Lisa, I realized that organization is what lacks in my work, and not difficulty in conveying thoughts and emotions, which is what I believed was my problem.
I recommend Lisa Liang whole-heartedly as a teacher, a writer, a performer, a citizen of the world who understands and translates emotions into words that fly off on their own."
-Maya Evans, Poet/Writer/Teacher/Translator

"I had felt that the task of writing a memoir was gargantuan. Working with Lisa, I learned to trust the process, listen to my heart, and use a series of tools and prompts to get myself just writing! Lisa constantly pushed me to provide more richness and sensory detail in my writing. Honestly, as a result of her feedback, I was able to dive deeper into these stories and not only remember things that I had forgotten, but also to feel more connected to these stories from the distant past. I realized that there were things that I wasn't remembering in detail because I didn't know how to face them. Things like death, guilt, fear--memories and emotions that I tend to run away from. Lisa's workshop not only helped to transform my writing process but it helped me heal wounds that I did not realize had been there.
Lisa was generous, thoughtful, supportive, and kind.
She was also fearless in digging into people's 'stuff' and asking the awkward questions, the direct questions. I remain deeply grateful for all the gifts that working with Lisa provided to me. If you're thinking about working with Lisa, stop thinking. Just do it!"
-Julia Torgovitskaya, President and Co-founder of iCadenza LLC

"For most of my writing life, I've been composing letters, journaling, producing academic papers, and editing other people's work. Finally, I admitted to myself that I want to tell my stories in more constructive and proactive ways. I enrolled in Lisa's course twice, once one-on-one to get my juices flowing, and another time with a group of three other friends with similar ambitions. Both workshop settings gave me the tools and courage to put into words my unique and sometimes uncomfortable life experiences, while Lisa created a safe and extremely affirming space for self-expression. The group was doubly affirming, as I got to know my friends in a completely new light; we continue to share our writing with each other every other week now that the workshop has ended.
I am currently working on a solo-show, something I would have never considered before taking this course.
I highly recommend Lisa's workshop to anyone -- especially those with complex cultural backgrounds -- interested in getting to know and sharing themselves more deeply through writing."
-Kilian Kröll, Education Specialist and Intercultural Coach

"'When I started my workshop with Lisa, I was in a difficult place with writing. I had written travel blogs, a diary and even started to write a novel previously, but I had found it very hard to keep up writing regularly, to finish projects and seemed to lose motivation.
The hardest thing for me about writing is believing in what you are creating and also finding the courage to share it with other people. The endless thoughts of it not be interesting or good enough came constantly into my head. With memoir writing the fear of digging up the past, and writing about people and episodes in your life is terrifying.
Lisa instantly made me feel at ease with this. She creates are very unique space within a group of people where one can be totally vulnerable without fear, you can create your work and present it without judgement. She has a way of making each member of the group feel empowered and able to write exactly what they felt at that time. While providing constructive and thoughtful feedback on your work.
Her writing prompts allowed me to revisit parts of my life that I had not thought about, nor dealt with for a while. Of course the memories of what happened are always there, Lisa gives you the ability to dig these moments back up gently and carefully and put them down on paper.
I would highly recommend one of Lisa's courses to anyone wanting to delve further into the world of memoir writing or writing a one person show, she presents and facilitates each session with understanding, grace and good humor and truly makes you feel like you can achieve anything.
Thank you Lisa, the experience of taking your course has really made my life richer and you have helped me to feel more comfortable, able and inspired as a writer."
-Tom Danaher, Expat

"This workshop was a powerful learning experience. I started the workshop with only the vaguest notions of exploring the genre of memoir and came away with not only a better understanding of the genre and my writing process, but with a better notion of myself. As an educator I am always aware of the importance of making safe spaces for learning and so I was grateful for Lisa's ability to quickly create a safe and creative space that allowed all of the participants to be vulnerable as we helped each other develop as writers. As such, the workshop served as a place to make meaning of my writing as well as a place to make meaning with the memories of my life, helping me to heal and come to terms with many of the ups and downs along the way. The workshop was focused with vision and the assignments made the impossible seem more possible. Her prompts and ability to give constructive feedback with care during sessions served as an excellent model for the participants as we explored, shared and grew as a group. After the workshop, I was surprised at how much more manageable writing a memoir now seems and I feel like I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. I finished the workshop with sadness that it was ending but with renewed joy in the writing process as I look forward to the next steps on my path."
-Nicole Forbes Wagner, Educator

“I am glad I took Elizabeth Liang's writing class. In Elizabeth's class, I learned that I had boulders, rocks, and pebbles of information about my life that needed to be unearthed. She has some great ways to unearth your truth. I highly recommend Elizabeth Liang's class to share your story in a safe environment. Thank you, Elizabeth!”
-Julie Rico, Art Director/Producer/Gallery Owner

Taking Lisa's course has forever changed for the better how I perceive the world, and how I engage with people; it has helped me by enabling me to have more facility in seeing the layers in other people's stories, to listen to what's under the surface, and thus, to find more empathy in the listening.”
-Karen Smith, Producer/Philanthropist

"I signed up for Lisa’s class because I had an idea that had been knocking around my brain for quite some time. I wanted to tell my family’s story, but I didn’t know what form it should take--memoir or fiction, book, play, one person show--much less how to begin. Not to mention that the thought of writing anything at all was pretty intimidating. From our first class, Lisa put me at ease. She was welcoming and encouraging and I could tell that she was passionate about helping the students tell their stories.
Lisa gave us timed writing exercises to do in class, and I was always amazed by what I managed to create. There is something about having a time limit that is very liberating; you write what comes up and the impromptu nature of it leaves little room for self criticism. Stories and characters appeared that took me by surprise. By the end of the class, I felt a lot more comfortable about sitting down to write and I knew that when I was ready, I would be able to tell my family's story.
Lisa is a kind and supportive teacher, who will gently guide you in bringing forth whatever story you have to tell. I can't recommend her class highly enough!"
-Dawn G., Actress

Lisa, I wanted to thank you so much for knowing what you know in order to be the retainer, the space holder. Not a lot of people are able to do that. It was through this workshop that you were able to hold that space and be so nonjudgmental that these stories were able to come out and come to life. I’m very appreciative of your incredible skill.”
-Ji Yoon K., Graphic Designer

“This was such a safe place to share anything. I am really grateful to you for walking the journey with us and validating our feelings in the stories. That was huge for me: to have someone listening to my story and validating it—just swearing with me or laughing for me—whatever emotions you had for me as I shared had a really healing effect.”
-Ye-jin H., Violinist

"You truly got me on the right footing for creating the show. I thank you for that.”
-Marla Phillips, Actress & Energy Healer, 6-week workshop participant

“Lisa Liang's workshops and intercultural storytelling community give space and voice to shared experience, and helped me grow as a writer. By hearing my own story evolve with Lisa's professional guidance and the group feedback, I feel more confident than ever that mine is a story worth telling.”
-Tressa B., Ph.D., Transformational-Creative-Coaching

"I enjoyed & was stimulated by your memoir writing workshop this summer...Your prompts & assignments aroused long-repressed memories, and I have added them to my work in progress. Most importantly, I was surprised that what I had to tell impressed the others in the group, who were all young enough to be my grandchildren. They made me realize that my experiences were unique and worth recording for my descendants.”
-John H., Retiree


Very interactive + best session @ FIGT.
Absolutely excellent!
Loved it!
Very much inspiring! Thank you!
Thank you for great ideas + handouts + very practical help.
Great- enjoyed for show + writing exercises. Thank you!
Helped me to express.
Super well paced, excellent opening (solo show excerpt), created really safe space to share stories.
Superb! Invite her back next year!


“They might be the smartest, most insightful and helpful notes I've ever received. Thank you again. I'm sending everybody I know to you.”
-Scott Barry, Playwright/Screenwriter/Solo Show Performer

for Workshop on March 11, 2020

“Having Elizabeth Liang's workshop this week, I felt like came at such a perfect time! In the current uncertain times that we are in, understanding our own vulnerability and fear can be so powerful. I found this workshop extremely helpful moving forward working on our own performances…how our own positionality can find itself within the performance and be a helpful tool...”
-Charissa Stone

I really liked Elizabeth Liangs Seminar…Liang's seminar offered two things that I found valuable: the first is the skills necessary to write our stories. The second was a moment to reflect in a week that felt like chaos.  
“Liang offered an excellent workshop... [she] offered skills that made me look at the smaller moments in my life, things I often considered non-canon, and re-contextualize them to be canon.  
“By forcing me to look at the smaller events in my life and relive their expressed emotions, the seminar helped me find ease in a week that has thrown me from left to right. It is fair to say that this week in COVID-19 history was perhaps the most cataclysmic. But taking a moment to reflect on my journey, as well as moments that I found to be much more difficult than the moments I endure now, has assisted me in finding healthy ways to navigate the ongoing pandemic.  
“I really appreciated hearing my peers open up about salient memories… It definitely benefits us to examine liminal spaces that contribute to identity formation.”
-Edward Kunkle
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“I found Elizabeth Liang's guest lecture incredibly enlightening. I think auto-ethnography and auto-narrative work can be very intimidating because there's a sense of ‘where would I start’ or ‘is my life/work interesting/worthy of discussion?’
“Elizabeth Liang's workshop combatted these two obstacles beautifully. First, in terms of focusing/narrowing self-narratives, we were given prompts that focused on specific memories and/or specific turning points in our lives. I think this accomplished two things: 1) It forced us to focus on specific aspects of our lives and narrow down our story telling 2) it created organic paths for narrative expansion. When we shared our stories with the class, Elizabeth would respond with other things she would want to know about the story, pointing to events/elements before and after the event you focused on, shedding light on how you could expand the narrative without losing focus. “Additionally, Elizabeth also took time to point out universal themes/concepts within everyone's narratives, illustrating how everyone's stories were full of teachable, resonant aspects of humanity. This created a space in which everyone's stories were not only validated but contextualized in terms of how the telling of these stories could benefit other people. In terms of our understanding of post-critical ethnographic work, I think this is particularly helpful in allowing us to make the connection that sharing these stories and/or crafting performances based on our own lives is not a personal or self-focused act, but instead, a means of activism through illuminating challenges we've faced and how they represent the challenges of people in our communities/with similar identities.”
-Jamie Whittington-Stude

“I realized that what Liang was pushing towards was that vulnerability—our deepest thoughts, emotions, and suppressed memories—were key ingredients to a compelling solo performance. I REALLY enjoyed our workshop. I like the set up of it…there are so many exercises that made me think of things I haven't contemplated in a while…I feel that this workshop made me think about all the things in my past that led me to where I amLiang just seems so approachable. I loved it.
-Cristal Machuca Marquez

I really enjoyed Elizabeth Liang's workshop! I think it was incredibly powerful for me to introspect and ask myself questions I haven't asked in a while.”
-Salvador Guzman

“I really enjoyed having our guest Elizabeth Liang guide us through the workshop this past week…I personally found the workshop to be effective, challenging, and pleasant…I never realized how doing an autobiographical performance required sooo much in terms of being vulnerable.”
-Melissa Deleon

“I think we learned a lot of techniques to apply to our performances. I really enjoyed having time to write our thoughts down…I thought it was great to have everyone share as much as they did, and was very proud of our peers to be able to do so.
“Overall, it was really great having Elizabeth guide us through this workshop, and it was great being able to share this moment with everyone in class.
-Stacey Lopez

Screenshot of Hillsborough Community College students applauding workshop
(Screenshot of Hillsborough Community College students applauding workshop)

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Hello everyone, I’m Elizabeth (aka Lisa) Liang. I specialize in helping people who are tired of feeling unseen and unheard because they fear the rejection that might come when they share the truth of their lived experience with an audience or readers. Working with me, using my proven writing prompts and guidance on structuring a story, I transform their uncertainty and resistance into confident, truthful storytelling about their unique yet relatable lives, so they can stop having to choose between having their voice in the world and stifling themselves, and get on with the business of connection and expansion. 

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