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Tell Your Story

Attention Children of Immigrants, Multiracial People, Third Culture Kids, WOC, & more!

Discover how sharing your unusual story will help you to make sense of your past and resonate with others.

What makes these workshops unique:

  • Especially geared toward people who grew up or are living among different worlds, as bridges or islands or both (whatever that may mean to you). This includes:

       ❀ Third Culture Kids and Global Nomads
       ❀ multiracial/multi-ethnic people
       ❀ women of color
       ❀ children of immigrants
       ❀ international students
       transnationally adopted people
       ❀ borderlanders
       ❀ children of divorce
       ❀ non-disabled children of parents with disabilities or vice-versa
       ❀ people whose countries underwent an enormous cultural shift in their lifetime
       ❀ and countless others. 

  • We meet via Skype so people in different countries can participate together.

  • You’ll receive helpful links to articles, videos, and podcasts between sessions.

  • Sessions are helpful for anyone with a story they want to share.

  • Facilitated by a professional actor/writer/producer with practical experience in this realm: 
      ❀ One-woman show that toured on four continents. It was made into a film that is now included in the syllabi of Anthropology, Communications, Sociology, and Theatre courses in colleges around the world. Click here to stream it.
      ❀ Personal essays published in an anthology and a peer reviewed scholarly journal
      ❀ Grew up interculturally as a multiracial dual citizen who lived in 6 countries before college

  • Led conscientiously with integrity, passion, intelligence, humor, and compassion.

Praise for the Workshop

"You were fantastic and you opened up so many possibilities for my students and helped create a dynamic class environment. We have really benefited from the workshop. I can't thank you enough."
-Laura Kina, Vincent de Paul Professor of Art, Media, and Design at DePaul University

"It was filled with moments of great pleasure and great growth for me. To me, that is some of the most wonderful stuff in life, and I am tremendously grateful."
-Lisa Dring, Actor and Creator of the solo show Death Play

Watch my 90-second video about the workshops...

For more info on the workshops, click here.
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